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Cosmic Cotton Candy (Kosminen Hattara) is here to bring thoughts to our changing times and provide astrological services. Galactic astrology offers a tremendous opportunity to look at your soul’s journey from an expanded perspective, on the scale of the universe.

I think of astrology as a wonderful tool for spiritual development. If galactic astrology speaks to you, and you feel that my interpretations can help you on your journey now, check out my services. You know the answer.

Cosmic cotton candy reflects my worldview, I see that we are part of a larger whole, i.e. the cosmos, and cotton candy represents lightness and, on the other hand, gauze, i.e. embodies the illusion in which we are ultimately going through this experience. It is important to remember lightness and humor. Cotton candy (hattara) also has an old Finnish meaning: an evil, laughing and grumbling female forest troll. I can identify myself to her too😊 With this I want to point out that there are so many different aspects or manifestations of all of us, whether in the form of past lives or some other dimensions or personality of this life, nothing is better or worse than the other.