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Sedna – the Inuit sea goddess opens new lanes to our consciousness

The myth of Sedna tells the story of an Inuit princess and her journey of transformation. There are several different versions of the myth, and I will briefly tell you one version of the myth. According to it, Sedna lived with her parents in the Arctic. Her father wanted to marry his daughter, and Sedna had several suitors, but she didn’t accept anyone as her husband. Finally, some unknown man came along and promised Sedna soft, warm hides and plenty of food. For some reason, Sedna decided to accept this man’s proposal and set off on his journey to a distant island.

When they arrived at the man’s island, he turned out to be a bird and lived only in a bird’s nest and fish as food. The story progressed so that Sedna’s father came to greet his daughter and her new husband and realized where she had ended up. He killed the bird and escaped with Sedna in a canoe. The spirits of the birds became angry at this, developed a terrible storm out to sea, and a flock of birds followed Sedna and her father. The father was so frightened by the anger and rage of the spirits that he threw Sedna out of the canoe into the sea. Sedna tried to cling to the edge of the canoe, but her father cut off her finger with a knife. Sedna sinks under water. According to myth, her broken fingers give rise to different species of fish and she becomes the goddess of the sea, courted by fishermen in the hope of good catch.

Sedna is a red dwarf planet that was discovered in November 2003, that is, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of its discovery. Sedna is an extraordinary planetoid in every way, and its discovery meant that the boundaries of our solar system expanded when astronomers realized its peculiar orbit and time.

It takes just over 11,400 years to orbit the sun. Sedna is approaching the point closest to Earth in its orbit. It will be closest to us in 2076, so we have about 50 years to learn the impact Sedna will have on our lives here on Earth. Sedna’s distant location from the sun also means that it is very cold, scientists believe that it will always be below – 240 C.

Whenever astronomers discover new celestial bodies in our solar system, galaxy or universe, our knowledge of the limits of our physical world expands. At the same time, it reflects the expansion of our consciousness. Now that Sedna, which was placed in the same gategory as Pluto (for comparison Pluto’s cycle lasts abt 250 years), is one of the more distant objects in our solar system, it is as if it is adding completely new layers to our psyche. Astronomer Michael Brown, who together with colleagues discovered the dwarf planet, named the celestial body he found after the princess of the cold and distant world, Sedna.

Richard Tarnas is the author of the highly acclaimed astrology book Cosmos and Psyche, in which he examines in great detail the influence of the planets, and especially Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, on the collective psyche and life of humanity and its individuals. Below is a quote from his book:

In retrospect, the discoveries of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto appear to have coincided with the emergence of three fundamental archetypes into collective human experience in a newly constellated form,  visible in major historical events and cultural trends of the eighteenth century (Uranus, discovered 1781), the nineteenth (Neptune, discovered 1846) and the twentieth (Pluto, discovered 1930). The centuries of their discoveries in each case appear to have brought forth in the evolution of human consciousness the rapid development and radical heightening of a distinctive  set of qualities and impulses that were also systematically observable in precise natal and transit correlations involving those specific planets for individuals and eras throughout history.

Cosmos and Psyche -Richard Tarnas, p 100

At the moment, the following themes arise in Sedna’s astrological interpretation: changes in consciousness, artificial intelligence, climate change, deception, victimization, rise from victimhood, isolation, blind spot, trauma, acceptance, renewal, daring, transcendence, transformation, acceptance of love and harmony, subconscious, relationships within the family, choosing one’s own path, cutting generational traumas, a deep understanding of humanity, underwater life, marine animals, water, cold.

I have been trying here for many days to write about Sedna and its astrological significance. It is indeed a celestial body discovered only 20 years ago, so it is not very much an asteroid used in astrological interpretation. Of course, a few great books have already been written about it, which have started to create the weaving of its collective interpretive fabric. However, I feel that I need to really feel for myself what it means to me. It doesn’t make it easy for me to just combine information from different sources and compile it here. Yes, I do that too and it’s valuable information, but I also need to seek a deeper understanding of myself.

Sedna’s approach to Earth after 11,400 years and its discovery reflects to us the rediscovery of ourselves. Although we have only known for 20 years of its existence, there it has ”always” been. In the same way that our true self always exists, even though we may not always be aware of it. The coldness and distance of Sedna speaks of very high vibrational energy. Our own high-vibrational (heart/love/Christ) energy does not have to be so distant, it is closer than we think when we begin to consciously seek it and tune in to its frequency.

Now, a lot seems to be happening in this time that if a person does not realize or dare to jump into the icy world of the subconscious of the sea to explore the deeper essence of himself, figurative fingers are cut off when we try to cling to the side of the boat, and we are pushed into the depths of the sea by force. On the other hand, those who are already in deep waters may feel as if they are drowning, but Sedna tells us that our mind, our consciousness, is what affects us the most, although we may think that external circumstances determine our lives. Let your mind calm down in the peaceful place of the deep sea, no matter how much it feels like you need to cling to something. Everything is fine with you at all times. Trust it and dig that feeling out of yourself.

Sinking to the bottom of the sea, Sedna sinks into her subconscious. From this state of deep metamorphosis, magnificent marine animals and fish begin to emerge. Something completely different from what it used to be. It’s as if she owns his pain and defeat after all the betrayal he experienced in her life. She plunges and lets the final finger cut plunge her further deeper into the depths of the sea. We can have any number of wounding and painful experiences, yet we humans have the ability to penetrate pain and let it evaporate, heal, and we can continue to live our lives renewed.

Sedna is about to begin her 44-year period in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is associated with, among other things, the mind, thinking, communication, dichotomy, changeability and adaptability. Now, we collectively have very strong ”themes” on the surface: AI, i.e. artificial intelligence, and the expansion of consciousness.  On the surface, they are very far apart, but when you go deep enough, they might be two sides of the coin.

One thing that we also feel strongly in this time (and of course it has been for quite some time and not just related to Sedna) is the flood of data and information. I am thinking here of information in all its forms, that is, traditional media, all kinds of applications on the Internet, people’s opinions on all things, channeling ’from the other side of the veil’, DNA encodings from space in the form of energy particles, information that comes with the sun’s rays and all information received with all possible senses.

Sedna is now asking us humans for real discernment, so to speak, can we go with the stranger, the unknown, who can I trust? We should be able to find and keep the information that is necessary and useful to us and leave out everything else. We should have the courage to do a radical gutting of our brain backups, go into our subconscious at least on some level, and try to find the neutral point in our mind that can make decisions that really benefit us. Naturally, we cannot influence all the data that reaches us, and the things we cannot influence, in general, it would be good to find that way of calm acceptance.

Sedna is currently finishing her journey in the sign of Taurus (went to Gemini for a while, but then retrograded to Taurus for a short time) while Pluto is ending its Capricorn journey. That is, two powerful planets of change move from the sign of the Earth element to the signs of the Air element. They are in a triangle relative to each other, that is, they work together in a harmonious aspect. Both will be strongly in new patterns in 2024. Next year there will be many other celestial bodies in very strong positions. Here you can watch Heather Ensworth’s video about long-term vision of years 2023-2028.

In the astrological sense, naturally, Sedna alone does not affect our consciousness. For example in galactic astrology, we look at the location of 4 cosmic points on the natal chart. The closest of those points, the Galactic Center, located in Sagittarius 27 degrees, opens the way for us to new knowledge from the cosmos. Mercury is currently passing these degrees, and since it will begin retrograde on December 13, it will return to these degrees in December. In addition, the Sun will pass on December 19, and Mars will pass on January 1, 2024. Watch a short video on the Galactic Astrology channel about the Galactic Center’s influence.

If you know what’s on your birth chart around 27 degrees of Sagittarius, it’s worth tuning in how you feel Mercury’s transits. Of course, these transits affect us all, even if no planet exists at that point. A more accurate interpretation of galactic astrology can open up more cosmic message for you.

When we let go of things that have become superfluous, thoughts, people, habits, or anything that no longer serves us, we can feel like we’ve had our fingers cut off. It always takes time to get used to change.

Everything happens as intended, everything is cyclical, both in nature and in the wider cosmos, and therefore also in us humans on all levels. Astrology is not about predicting things per se, but rather about learning about the changing nature of time and thus it is possibly easier to be in the rhythm of change. Sedna’s cycle is really long. The duration of the long cycles lasts and, as it were, gradually fades into our consciousness and then begins to intensify and potentially turn an existing state into something else. In the end, however, no celestial body decides how our lives go, but we ourselves decide how we react to the energies they manifest and thus form its purpose.

Above all, I see the myth of Sedna as reflecting hope for us humans in the midst of perhaps inevitable change and somehow creating such a wonderful, deep possibility of self-love, from which it is possible to face anything with love.

On my natal chart, Sedna is in 10th house (career/occupation/prominent role house), forming the tip of the astrological Yod pattern with Pluto and Neptune. That’s probably why I’m so attracted to it, and feel I need to communicate its existence. Let’s see where it leads me…

I wonder what house or area of life Sedna is placed in on your natal chart? In my interpretations of galactic astrology, I always look at the location of Sedna, along with the fixed stars and the location of the 4 cosmic centers.

Especially now that winter is about to begin here in the Northern Hemisphere and the frost is starting to set in, it is easy to tune in to the atmosphere of the ice-cold sea of the northern sea areas. And when you go swimming in the ice hole, the water of about 0 degrees Celsius gives your body a quick reset and after that you feel very renewed. All cells are really alert and awake. So, after all, getting into cold water isn’t that bad 😊

In addition to the above mentioned the inspiration and source to this writing has come from here:

Alan Clay – Sedna Consciousness: The Soul’s Path of Destiny
Galactic Astrology.com
Various web pages in internet about the Sedna myth
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